About First Baptist Church of Traverse City

We invite you to see first hand what it’s like to attend a service.  Located on Washington Street next to the courthourse, we are part of the American Baptist USA denomination. We believe in the power of prayer and put our words into action through community service.  Our goal is to be “the hands and feet of Jesus” in our community.

More about us

Our Beliefs

We believe that Jesus Christ is God and is the only way of salvation.  The Bible is God’s Word and we do our best to live by its principles each and every day.

Prayer is one of the main ways that we speak to and hear from God.  We believe in its power.

Our Values

Being a relaxed, genuine, warm and authentic people, we continuously strive to be the best we can be.  This means we aren’t perfect, but instead rely on grace and love to get through each day.  

Serving our Local Community

We are community minded and try to find needs that we can meet with the Love of Christ. We have donated and done service for many local charities that help our neighbors in need.

Serving our Global Community

We are in just doing good locally but also around the world.  We partner with missionaries, agencies, and other people all throughout the planet to help people know the love of God found in Christ.

We understand we have a responsibiity to bring the Gospel to others.  We try to live a Gospel-centered life that others will find loving and truthful in everything we do. The Gospel is something we learn about on Sundays and then put into practice outside of church.